Mulberry 'Mojo Berry'

Morus Nigra 'Mojo Berry'

Mulberry 'Mojo Berry'
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New: Dwarf Mulberry Mojo Berry
Small in size, but big in yield!
In contrast to a "normal" mulberry tree, which can grow up to 6-8 metres high, the dwarf mulberry Mojo Berry remains only 1.5 metres high and 50 cm wide.
It is therefore extremely suitable for any garden and even in pots.
The Mojo Berry flowers beautifully white in May and June and the fruits can be picked from May to September!
The fruits grow on old and new wood, which extends the harvest time and often in the first year you can enjoy these delicious fruits.

The black fruits resemble blackberries and are delicious in jams or cakes, but of course they can also be eaten freshly picked.
The dwarf mulberry Mojo Berry is self-pollinating and requires a fertile, permeable soil and a place in the sun or semi-shade.
It is hardy to -10 degrees Celsius, but when it's in the pot it's better to let it hibernate indoors.
In the summer it wants a lot of water (but the water shouldn't stay in the pot) and in the winter it shouldn't dry out completely either.


Blossom time
Planting distance
1 meter
Distance in hedge
0.50 metres
Soil conditions
Only good permeable soils
Fruit colour
Eating fresh, juice, jam
Picking season
End of May
Season of use
May, June, July, August and September
Growing situation
Mature plant height
1.5 meters
Blossom colour
Creamy white
For Enthusiasts
Slow grower
Producing fruits after
Often first year already fruits

Disease resistance
Healthy species
Overall appreciation

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Mulberry 'Mojo Berry' - C2 15-20 CM.

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