Apple 'Howgate Wonder'

Malus domestica 'Howgate Wonder'

Apple 'Howgate Wonder'
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Tree: Strong grower

Fruit: Very large fruits, good for applesauce, apple pie and apples for people who like slightly sour (such as Goudreinette).
Stays firm after cooking, ideal for applesauce with pieces and apple pie.
Sweet after cooking.

Is very popular in England because of the size of the fruits.

Partially self-pollinating - but pollination by another apple will give more yield.


Blossom time
Planting distance

Distance in hedge

Soil conditions
All soils
Fruit colour
Red with yellow
Fresh acid
Very good for purée, juice, baking and to eat fresh for people who love light acidity
Picking season
Season of use
October, November, December, January, February and March
Growing situation
Mature plant height

Blossom colour
For Lovers
Strong grower
Producing fruits after
Produces fruit quickly
Partially self-pollinating
Malus d. 'Alkmene', Malus d. 'Benoni', Malus d. 'Cox's Orange Pippin', Malus d. 'Discovery', Malus d. 'Finkenwerder Prinz', Malus d. 'Gloster', Malus d. 'James Grieve', Malus d. 'Lombarts Calville', Malus d. 'Red Jonathan', Malus d. 'Summerred'.
Disease resistance
Not very disease sensitive
Overall appreciation

This article is available in various models

Apple 'Howgate Wonder - spindle 1-year on Bitterfeld in pot

Maiden, 1-year on rootstock Bitterfeld in pot
Maiden, 1-year on rootstock Bitterfeld
With this maiden form you can make a half-standard or standard tree
Also convenient for higher espaliers (3 to 5 meter)
These plants can also be used for bush trees on poor dry soil, e.g. forest ground.

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