Apple 'Roter Astrachan'

Malus domestica 'Roter Astrachan'

Apple 'Roter Astrachan'
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Small apple. Fruit flesh white to yellowish, reddish, slightly sour taste, aromatic.

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Appletree Roter Astrachan - Spindle 1yr on M4/M7 rootstock

€ 11.95

Apple 'Roter Astrachan' - spindle 1-year on Bitterfeld

Maiden, 1-year on rootstock Bitterfeld in pot
Maiden, 1-year on rootstock Bitterfeld
With this maiden form you can make a half-standard or standard tree
Also convenient for higher espaliers (3 to 5 meter)
These plants can also be used for bush trees on poor dry soil, e.g. forest ground.

€ 12.95

Appletree Roter Astrachan, Half-standard 2 years

€ 22.95