Apple 'Purperroter Cousinot'

Malus domestica 'Purperroter Cousinot'

Apple 'Purperroter Cousinot'
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Small to medium-sized fruit. Flesh yellow-white, under the skin light red. Very firm, fine-celled, slightly juicy, almost dry. Spice flavour without aroma. Becomes sweeter and spicier when stored warm.

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Apple 'Purperroter Cousinot' - spindle 1 year on M7 in pot

Maiden, 1-year on rootstock M7
With this maiden form you can make a bush-tree or spindle tree.
For normal sandy soil.
Also convenient for low espaliers (1,5 to 2,5 meter)
In case of very rich soil this maiden can also be used for making a half-standard tree

€ 14.95

'Purperroter Cousinot' - Spindle, 2 years, in pot

€ 17.95