Grafting on request

You can also have your old fruit tree refined by Aatree Nursery (

Do you have an old fruit tree that you would like to renew, or do you know someone who has a nice fruit tree and you would like to have it too, send us a few 1 year old branches.

You cut these branches into pieces of about 20 cm (so that they can fit in an air cushion envelope), wrap them in moist newspaper and put them in the envelope.

You can send them between 15 December and 15 March.

You can send them to:

Aatree Nursery
Beekweg 6E
7481 RG Haaksbergen (Buurse)
The Netherlands

A rootstock, material and grafting costs € 7.50.
Shipping costs € 3.50
Minimum order is 2 pieces per species because of possible fall out.

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