Planting fruit trees

Preparing and planting

Since only a small area is involved, practically any soil can be made suitable for planting fruit trees. We can apply good soil or work intensively with compost and other organic substances. Wet soils can be drained, or if this is not possible, a raised mound of about 50 to 80 cm width can be constructed.


It is a good idea to prepare the areas to be planted about two weeks in advance. What was written above about soil and fertilizer makes it clear that we have to take into account the soil at our disposal when making preparations. As the strip of land is laid out for several years, this has to be done very carefully. After all, it is the basis for the success of our fruit garden.
If you make a planting hole and only put good soil in it, the roots will only grow in that soil. So it is important to make an oversized hole of 0.75 m by 0.75 m and 0.60 m deep if you want to improve the soil. Mix the soil that comes out of the hole with potting compost and/or soil and fill the hole up again. You can plant the fruit tree in this hole.    
For clay soils, however, it is better to replace the compost completely or partly by peat litter.  

When to plant?

Normally, if the ground is not frozen, you can plant fruit trees all winter. The best time for planting is from mid-October to mid-May. The earlier you plant, the more the plants will grow in the summer. Plants in pots can be planted all year round. However, in dry weather pay attention to watering.
In wet soils it is advisable to plant after the winter, in February - March. By draining the soil or constructing a raised mound, we can also plant in these soils before the winter.

How to plant?

Because we are planting on a prepared soil, the hole should not be made deeper than the root system. The grafting place (knob) should remain above the ground. By doing so, we avoid that roots develop on the grafted wood, causing it to grow too strong and not carry anymore. So do not plant too deep and take into account that the tree will sink a bit deeper after planting.
When planting, spread the roots in the hole nicely and shake the tree a little when filling it up, so that the soil falls between the roots. Then press the soil well.
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