Fruit thinning fruit trees

Thinning fruit trees
You want the highest possible yield from your fruit trees and then it is almost impossible to understand, that someone would claim that it is better to reduce the number of fruits on the tree.
But, just to get the highest possible yield it is very important to start thinning in time.
If you thin, the fruits will be bigger and tastier and the tree will give fruit every year!
Our advice: about one fruit per 10 CM  

Photo before thinning

What to remove (see photo here below)
X1 is thickest with a stem that is often shorter and thicker
x2 must go
x3 must go if the second largest is good and if the tree is on normal and light soil
x3 can stay if it is already an older tree and on very good soil

For young trees it is advisable to leave only 1 apple per hand width.
You will then get some larger apples, but they will ripen better.

Photo after thinning
Note: The same applies to pears and nashi pears.
Cherries, quinces and medlars do not normally need to be thinned.
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