Grape Vines 'Kyoho'

Vitis 'Kyoho'

Grape Vines 'Kyoho'
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Grafted blue grape

The Kyoho is a Japanese rarity!

You will soon be able to pick abnormal, plum-sized, blue berries in your garden.

In many Asian countries, you don't buy a whole grape, but only a few berries. These are special grape varieties whose berries are peeled!
The berry skin dissolves well. But since the berry skin of this Kyoho grape has no bitter substances, you can also eat it with skin.

Matching the plum-like berry size: plum-like taste.

If you have a well-protected, sunny spot in your garden, the very vital Kyoho will quickly turn it into a shade-giving oasis. Kyoho will be a highlight in your garden!

At temperatures below -16 - (-18) °C, protect the vine against frost.

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