Grape Vines 'Souvenir'

Vitis 'Souvenir'

Grape Vines 'Souvenir'
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Grafted grapes

A rarity!
The shape of the berries is reminiscent of dates. Already after flowering one recognizes the unusual berry shape.
The berries, which are up to 5 cm long, hang loosely from the bunches.
The colour of the berry is red - red/blue. The colouring of the berries starts at the top.
Frost resistance is good.
The ripeness is medium to late.
Tolerance to moulds is average.
Find a sunny, warm location in your garden and you will enjoy delicious tasting berries with a rare, exotic shape.

Protect the vine against frost at temperatures below -17 - (-18)°C.

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'Souvenir' - 80 cm in 3 Ltr pot

€ 20.95

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