Apple 'Sterappel'

Malus domestica 'Sterappel'

Apple 'Sterappel'
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Sterappel is an old, well-known apple, which also does well on sandy soil.

Red medium-sized, round apple. Smells good.

Flesh often red under the skin, medium firm, with fine grain. Sweet-sour, perfumed taste


Blossom time
Planting distance

Distance in hedge

Soil conditions
All soils
Fruit colour
Fresh sweet and sour
Good to eat fresh
Picking season
Season of use
September, November, December
Growing situation
Sun, Semi-shade, Also above 700 meters above sea level, Also in rough conditions
Blossom colour
For Lovers, Valuable in poorer conditions, Good pollinator for other species.
Fast grower
Producing fruits after
After 2 to 3 years
Partially self-pollinating
Malus d. 'Brabantse Bellefleur', Malus d. 'Court-Pendu', Malus d. 'Cox's Orange Pippin', Malus d. 'Double Red Bellefleur', Malus d. 'Glory of Holland', Malus d. 'James Grieve', Malus d. 'Lombarts Calville', Malus d. 'Ontario', Malus d. 'Red Dike Man's Sweet', Malus d. 'Transparent Jaune'.
Disease resistance
Non-disease sensitive
Overall appreciation

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'Sterappel' - Spindle, 1-year on rootstock M26 in pot

€ 17.50

'Sterappel' - Spindle, 2-years, in pot

Spindle, 2-year on slow growing rootstock
This spindle tree can be used to make a fruit tree with one central stem with side branches, like it is used in commercial orchards
Can also be used for fruit hedges.
Only to be used on very rich soil or on well improved soil (with potting soil)
Photo: spindle 2-years, not pruned
€ 23.50

'Sterappel' - Half-standard, 2 years in pot

Half-standard, 2 years
This half-standard tree can reach a height of 4 to 5 meters
Recommended planting distance: 5 to 6 meters
Photo : half-standard 2-years, before pruning
€ 27.50

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