Apple 'Roter Astrachan'

Malus domestica 'Roter Astrachan'

Apple 'Roter Astrachan'
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Small apple. Fruit flesh white to yellowish, reddish, slightly sour taste, aromatic.

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Apple tree 'Roter Astrachan' - maiden 1 yr on MM111 in pot

Maiden, 1-year on rootstock MM111
With this maiden form you can make a bush-tree or spindle tree.
For normal sandy soil.
Also convenient for low espaliers (1,5 to 2,5 meter)
In case of very rich soil this maiden can also be used for making a half-standard tree

MM111 is a healthy and good winter-hardy rootstock.

€ 17.50

Apple 'Roter Astrachan' - spindle 1yr on Bitterfeld in pot

€ 18.95

Apple tree 'Roter Astrachan' - maiden 2 yr on Bitterfeld

Spindle-shaped, 2-year old on Bittenfeld rootstock
With this spindle form you can make your own half- or standard fruit trees.
Commonly used in food forests and for low-branched half- or standard trees (type of climbing tree).
Also suitable for making larger espalier fruit trees (3 to 5 metres in height and width).
You can also use these plants for low stem on poor dry soil, e.g. forest soil.
€ 21.50

'Roter Astrachan' - Bush, 2 years

€ 22.50

Apple 'Roter Astrachan' - Bush, for espalier in pot

Bush, 2-years convenient for making an espalier
This bush-trained tree can be used for making an fruit espalier
This bush tree can reach a height of 2,5 to 3,5 meter
€ 25.50

'Roter Astrachan' - Bush, 2 years in pot

€ 24.50

Appletree Roter Astrachan, Half-standard 2 years in pot

Half-standard, 2 years
This half-standard tree can reach a height of 4 to 5 meters
Recommended planting distance: 5 to 6 meters
Photo : half-standard 2-years, before pruning
€ 27.50

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