Chestnut Marron de Lyon

Castanea sativa 'Lyon'

Chestnut Marron de Lyon
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The best and largest chestnuts you get from this excellent tree. Good production can be expected from an early age.
The husks contain thick, large, shiny fruits that contain a lot of delicious flesh. It can become a large tree depending on the type of soil.

Fruit: The fruits (seeds) are very nutritious and much less fat than the other nuts (starch, protein, sugar and vitamins Bi, B2 and especially C). They are often eaten with Brussels sprouts and game dishes. In the French Ardèche, a sweet puree is made from it (crème des marrons). This is used for dessert or sandwich filling. Sweet chestnuts can be dried and you get a nut with a very soft, specific taste.


Blossom time
June, July
Planting distance
1 meter
Distance in hedge
0.25 metres
Soil conditions
All soils
Fruit colour

Eating , baking, cooking
Picking season
Season of use
Growing situation
Sun, semi-shade, also above 500 meters altitude
Mature plant height
1.50 metres
Blossom colour
Creamy white, yellow
Valuable plant, tree with a lot of ornamental value
Rapid growth
Producing fruits after
After 3 to 5 years
Partially self-pollinating

Disease resistance
Healthy species
Overall appreciation

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