Pear 'Oranjepeer'

Pyrus communis 'Oranjepeer'

Pear 'Oranjepeer'
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Fruit: pleasantly sweet. Tasty pear that is also delicious when stewed.
This pear used to be cooked in the stew as a delicacy.
Flattened, looks like an apple, beautiful color


Blossom time
Soil conditions
All soils
Fruit colour
Orange / yellowish green.
Sweet, soft flesh
Good hand pear, Stew pear
Picking season
Season of use
October -December
Growing situation
Also above the 500 Meter NAP, Sun
Blossom colour
Valuable historical plant
Medium grower
Producing fruits after
After 2 to 3 years
Not known
Pyrus c. 'Doyenné du Comice' , Pyrus c. 'Gieser Wildeman', Pyrus c. 'Zoete Brederode'
Disease resistance
Healthy species
Overall appreciation

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'Oranjepeer' - Spindle, 1-year on rootstock Quince-A

Photo: maiden 1-year, unpruned and pruned
With this maiden form you can make a 2-year bush-tree or spindle tree on light sandy soil
Also convenient for low espaliers (1,5 to 2,5 meter)
€ 16.95

'Oranjepeer' - Spindle, 1-year in pot on rootstock Quince A

With this maiden form you can make a half-standard or standard tree.
Also convenient for higher espaliers (3 to 5 meter)
€ 18.50

'Oranjepeer' - Spindle, 2-year

Spindle form, 2-year old on strong growing rootstock
This spindle form is used for making fruit trees with a straight trunk with side branches.
With this spindle form, you can make your own half- or standard fruit trees.
Often used in food forests and for low-branched half- or standard trees (type of climbing tree).
Also suitable for making larger espalier fruit trees (3 to 5 metres in height and width).
You can also use these plants for low stem on poor dry soil, e.g. forest soil.
€ 21.50

'Oranjepeer' - Bush, 2-years

Photo: bush, 2-years, before pruning and after pruning
This bush tree can reach a height of 2,5 to 3,5 meter
Convenient for rich and less rich soil
€ 22.50

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