Plum 'Jefferson'

Prunus domestica 'Jefferson'

Plum 'Jefferson'
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Fruit: fairly large, ovoid, green-yellow plum
Flesh: golden yellow, very juicy, half firm. Full, good taste
Harvest time: second half of August


Blossom time
Planting distance

Distance in hedge

Soil conditions
All soils  
Fruit colour
Green-yellow plum
Very tasty plum
Eating fresh, cooking, preserving
Picking season
End of August
Season of use
End of August
Growing situation
Also above 500 Meters altitude, Sun, Semi-shade
Mature plant height
Bush 1.75 to 2.75 metres, Half standard 4 to 5 metres
Blossom colour
Very tasty, well carrying plum
Medium grower
Producing fruits after
After 1 to 2 years
Not self-pollinating
Victoria, Reine Cloude d'Oullins, Reine Cloude de Verte
Disease resistance
Healthy species
Overall appreciation

This article is available in the following version(s)

'Jefferson' - Spindle, 1-year on rootstock Bromton

Photo: maiden 1-year, unpruned and pruned
With this maiden form you can make a 2-year bush-tree or spindle tree
Also convenient for low espaliers (1,5 to 2,5 meter)
€ 16.95

'Jefferson' - Spindle, 1-year on St. Julien

Spindle form, 1-yr on St Julien
With this spindle form, you can make your own low stem on normal soil.
You can also use this to make your own half-stem on good soil.
Also suitable for making small espalier trees (2 to 3 metres high and wide).
You can also use this spindle form for a fruit hedge on normal soil.
€ 16.95

'Jefferson' - Spindle, 2-years in pot

This form can be used to make a tree with a right growing trunk with side branches, like is used in professional nurseries.
Also convenient for making a fruit hedge.
Only to be used on very good soil or improve the soil by using potting soil.
This tree can reach a height of 1,5 to 3,5 meters
€ 23.50

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