Apple 'Dabinett'

Malus domestica 'Dabinett'

Apple 'Dabinett'
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The 'Dabinett' is a beautiful English cider apple and is excellent for making very good quality juice.
The apple can be harvested in late autumn and the taste is bittersweet.
The beautiful round fruits are red with a yellow-green blush.

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Apple 'Dabinett' - Spindle, 2-year in pot

Spindle, 2-year on slow growing rootstock
This spindle tree can be used to make a fruit tree with one central stem with side branches, like it is used in commercial orchards
Can also be used for fruit hedges.
Only to be used on very rich soil or on well improved soil (with potting soil)
Photo: spindle 2-years, not pruned
€ 23.50

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