Apple 'Altländrer Pfannkuchen'

Malus domestica 'Altländer Pfannkuchen'

Apple 'Altländrer Pfannkuchen'
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This apple has a dry, mildly acidic taste.

The apples are ripe for picking in October and ripe for consumption in March.

They are suitable for applesauce and, as the name suggests, they are very suitable for use in pancakes: with their pronounced aroma, this is a delicious taste experience!

They are rich in vitamin C and this old apple variety is also suitable for most people with an apple allergy.

The fruits have a flat, round shape and are medium-sized. On the sunny side, the apples turn reddish, otherwise the skin is rather dull yellowish, when they are ripe. The basic colour of the skin is green.
The flesh is firm and greenish white in colour.


Blossom time
Soil conditions
Only good permeable soils, not on heavy wet soils
Fruit colour
Green/yellow with sometimes a red blush
Fresh acidic, juicy, firm flesh
To eat fresh, Mash, Juice, Baking, Cooking
Picking season
Season of use
October, November, December, January, February, March
Growing situation
Also above the 500 Meter above sea level, Sun, Even in rough conditions
Blossom colour
Valuable plant, one of the best baking apples
Rapid grower
Producing fruits after
After 2 to 3 years
Not self-pollinating
Malus d. 'Alkmene', Malus d. 'Benoni', Malus d. 'Cox's Orange Pippin', Malus d. 'Dantziger Kantapfel', Malus d. 'Discovery', Malus d. 'Geheimrat Dr Oldenburg', Malus d. 'Glockenapfel', Malus d. 'Golden Pearmain', Malus d. Gloster', Malus d. 'Groninger Kroon', Malus d. 'James Grieve', Malus d. 'Lombarts Calville', Malus d. 'Rode Jonathan', Malus d. 'Roter Berlepsch', Malus d. 'Summerred', Malus d. 'Transparent Jaune'.
Disease resistance
Not very disease sensitive
Overall appreciation

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