Grafting of fruittrees on demand

Grafting of fruittrees on demand
8.50 *Prices include VAT *Prices include VAT
Do you have an old fruit tree that you would like to renew, or do you know someone who has a tasty fruit which you would also like to have, then we can graft it for you. This means that a branch of the old fruit tree will be grafted onto a new rootstock.
You can send us by post a number of 1-year branches:
Cut these branches into pieces of about 20 cm (so that they can be placed in an air cushion envelope), wrap them in a damp newspaper and then put them in an air cushion envelope.

You then send them to us:

Nursery Aatree
Beekweg 6E
7481 RG Haaksbergen (Buurse)

A rootstock, material and grafting cost €6,25
Minimum quantitiy is 2 per kind
Available from December till end of February
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