Planting strawberry plants

Planting strawberryplants
Strawberries grow on almost all types of soil. However, the crop does make high demands on the structure of the soil.  Good air and water circulation are very important. The soil must be well rooted, while the groundwater level must be 80 to 100 cm below ground level.
The soil must be worked in good time in order to be able to settle well. On sandy soils, one can make use of a furrow opener, which can make the period between ploughing and planting much shorter. Sometimes it is advantageous to loosen the soil 80 to 100 cm deep.
Every soil is different, so it is difficult to give general advice. To avoid mistakes and disappointment it is best to consult an expert beforehand. Furthermore, the soil must be free of nematodes.
In case of doubt, a soil examination will show the necessity of disinfection.
Strawberries should never be planted on soil that has been used for potatoes.
Immediately after receiving the plants, place them in well fertilised soil up to the collar, with the roots well spread and firmly pressed in. Do not use any (artificial) fertiliser when planting!

-In dry weather keep the young plants well moist for approx. 14 days, so that they can strike root quickly. Here especially the evaporation of the plants must be compensated by irrigation. Just keeping the soil moist is not enough.

-Planting distance in the row: 25 to 30 cm; row width 75 to 100 cm. This depends on your mechanization and cultivation system.

The right planting depth is important. If planting too deeply, the risk of stem base rot is very high, while planting too shallowly increases the risk of drying out.
correct       too high        too deep         roots not correct
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