Apple 'Hudson Golden Gem'

Malus domestica 'Hudson Golden Gem'

Apple  'Hudson Golden Gem'
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Tree:        Weak growing; straight up; healthy tree
Fruit:        Large elongated, often crooked, can burst in the first years
       Light bronze, red-brown colour on a base of green
       The top of the apple is often heavier than the bottom, making the fruit look like an upside-down pear
       Keeps for a long time
Flesh:        Sweet and crunchy, tastes like pear


Blossom time
Soil conditions
All soils
Fruit colour
Light bronze, red-brown colour on a base of green
Sweet and crunchy, tastes like pear
Very good apple to eat fresh, purée, juice, baking
Picking season
Season of use
November - March
Growing situation
Blossom colour
For lovers
Slow grower
Producing fruits after
Usually gives fruit after a few years
The first fruits may crack but this will disappear after a few years
Partially self-pollinating
Malus d. 'Alkmene', Malus d. 'Benoni', Malus d. 'Cox's Orange Pippin', Malus d. 'Discovery', Malus d. 'Finkenwerder Prinz', Malus d. 'Gloster', Malus d. 'James Grieve', Malus d. 'Lombarts Calville', Malus d. 'Red Jonathan', Malus d. 'Summerred'.
Disease resistance
Not very disease sensitive
Overall appreciation

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Apple 'Hudson Golden Gem' - spindle 1-year on Bitt pot

Maiden, 1-year on rootstock Bitterfeld in pot
Maiden, 1-year on rootstock Bitterfeld
With this maiden form you can make a half-standard or standard tree
Also convenient for higher espaliers (3 to 5 meter)
These plants can also be used for bush trees on poor dry soil, e.g. forest ground.

€ 17.50

Apple tree 'Hudson Golden Gem' - maiden 2 yr on Bitt

Spindle-shaped, 2-year old on Bittenfeld rootstock
With this spindle form you can make your own half- or standard fruit trees.
Commonly used in food forests and for low-branched half- or standard trees (type of climbing tree).
Also suitable for making larger espalier fruit trees (3 to 5 metres in height and width).
You can also use these plants for low stem on poor dry soil, e.g. forest soil.
€ 21.50

Apple 'Hudson Golden Gem' - Half-standard, 2 years pot

Half-standard, 2 years
This half-standard tree can reach a height of 4 to 5 meters
Recommended planting distance: 5 to 6 meters
Photo : half-standard 2-years, before pruning
€ 27.50

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